Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Catrice Illuminating Serum Primer Review

These are my honest thoughts of Catrice Illuminating Serum Primer.

So today I tried to use this primer under my Loreal Infallible 24hr foundation & I was hoping that it would work like a miracle albeit it's too good to be true considering that the price is dirt cheap. However, I was actually disappointed by the fact that my skin couldn't take it. What did I expect anyway? Not even after 5 minutes. Sad.

It is true- well, what people said about how your face will glow and shine and all because mine actually did- at a price. At first I felt itchy around my nose area and it was getting bad that I had to wash off my makeup less than an hour later. Sad.

Not to mention that it smells really bad like a bug (dalam bahasa melayu orang panggil kumbang tahi but in all seriousness I don't know if the bug is called kumbang tahi lol). Do you know that there's a flying bug that releases a horrible smell once it decided to rest on you? Or your stuff? That's. The. Exact. Smell. Sad. Again.

I'll pass. I believe that this is a good primer to some but definitely it's not for me. Sorry.

Catrice Illuminating Serum Primer


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