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Pewarna Rambut Shurah : 03 Burgundi Review and Instruction to use

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Today I am gonna be reviewing Perwarna Rambut Shurah L : 03 Burgundi. Actually I wanted to color my hair so badly a long time ago but I really think that those commercialized hair coloring product will damage my hair. Plus some of the products will coat your hair strands so they are kinda water proof thus you cant really perform solat with them on. Previously I have colored my hair in deep red at some random hair salon around Bangi and I remember I paid almost MYR 300 for that! My hair was damaged pretty badly from all the chemicals. O_O So I guess henna-based product will be sufficient enough for me since I am a full time hijab wearer and also, to avoid any permanent hair damage. I went for Shurah since it's the only henna based product in the market.

Shurah's answer for hair coating
So I got the product from local drugstore for MYR 17++ and I notice that Watson and Guardian do not stock any of Shurah product. Mind you the product will not give you your desired color or the model's hair color on the box since it's henna.. lol. My hair is very thin and is by shoulder length so one box was enough for me. You might want to buy an extra box if your hair is thicker and longer than that.

The Packaging

The product comes with 4 stuff inside it :

  1. Milk activator 60 ml
  2. Hair color cream 40 g
  3. Hair moisturizer 20 ml (which is suprisingly good)
  4. 2 plastic gloves 

Extra stuff that you need to start :

  1. A clean bowl (wear and tear cuz the color will stick permanently)
  2. A plastic spoon to stir the mixing.
  3. A plastic shower cap
  4. A thin comb 
  5. A shirt that you hate lol cuz it's gonna be messy

The Instruction :

  1. Mix and stir all of the activator and hair color cream together in a bowl until the color appears really nicely. The instruction that comes with it says that you have to mix and shake it in the activator bottle. IMO stirring it in a bowl with a spoon will make the consistency better.
  2. Start coloring from bottom layer of your hair. Make sure that the roots are given more attention.
  3. Let it stay on for more than an hour. I recommend you guys to wait for 2 hours. I have read around the net about the instruction. Most of them claimed that 20 to 40 minutes are not sufficient enough to get a good coloring. So I went for more that an hour.. exactly one and a half.
  4. After 1 to 2 hours, rinse your hair until there is no product excess left on your hair. Make sure it's clean enough so it wont stain.
  5. Use the moisturizer provided. (Or any of your own)

Verdict :

So for me the color does not turn into my desired burgundy or even look like the model's hair on the box. It looks more like a dark copper with a hint of purple on my jet black hair. And I did not do it myself  (my husband helped to put it on me and he knew nothing about hair coloring lol) so some of the spots are not colored.. I got it good on my roots but not on the bottom length of my hair.. I cant post any picture of mine so you guys can just brb using imagination. Honestly it looks like a reverse ombre-style with copper on the top and dark brown on the bottom length. 

It somewhat looks like this gal's hair in below link :



So I might go buy another box later to color the bottom length XD


  1. Hi! How about d smell of ur hair? I hv tried henna paste on my hair before, n d smell of henna didnt disappear.. D smell sticked for a week.. So, i wanna know about d hair smell after using this product..


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