Sunday, January 1, 2017


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How to Detect Fake Morphe?

I received these pictures from one of my customers, the fake palette (marked as authentic) is sold at Lazada for RM129.

Beware of fake cosmetics since they ARE hazardous to your health/skin as we do not know what are the ingredients used in fake cosmetics. For God sake they could contain ammonia, lead or rat piss..and you- would unknowingly smear them all over your face.....well no, thank you. Ask yourselves is it really worth it risking your lives over a cheap imitation? 😫

Find out if your Morphe is fake:

1. The box is slimmer/thinner than the authentic one.

2. 'M' on the box is Red, while 'orphe' is white. (Authentic one is a little greyish)

3. No barcode on the box. Just a round sticker. (For authentic ones, it should be at the back and bottom right of the box. Round sticker is on the back of the palette)

4. The box is flimsy while the authentic one is sturdy.

5. The clasp of the palette should NOT look like the picture!

6. The inside of the fake box opening should NOT face you.

7. Sold at the fraction of the authentic price. Please consider shipping cost, tax. etc etc.


  1. this has really helped, thank you!

  2. i received morphe 35F from what do u think


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