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Usually I will just reposting whatever I posted on my Instagram feed in my blog so they would feel more organized here. However this will be on of the original reviews on my blog since I have not review this palette yet and I hope it's not too late! :)

I have been wanting Tarte blusher palette more than anything and I have not had any luck last year with their four pans holiday palette. When I saw that they were releasing the 10 pan palette, I was more than excited. I could not wait to get my hands on the Tarte Holiday Color Wheel Blusher Palette. The fact that they are actually made in China instead of USA did not deter me from buying so I bought it almost instantly when Sephora opened a preview sale for black card member. The Tarte Color Wheel Palette is priced at RM195 (USD 44++) here in Malaysia.

The packaging is nothing like previous rectangular holiday palette, it is round without mirror. They pans are separated with a flimsy plastic separator but it can be removed if you want to, no harm in that I guess?

The Tarte Holiday Color Wheel Blusher Palette contains 8 deluxe size of blushers and 2 deluxe size of highlighters.

Deluxe size is 2.38g/0.084oz per pan while the regular sized blushers pan is 5.6g/0.19oz) per pan (RM122 in Sephora Malaysia). This is a bargain since like buying 5 regular sized blusher pans!

RM122 x 5 pans = RM610
You will save : RM610 - RM195 = RM415!

The top of the palette contains 'warm' side of the blushers (my favorite is mod) & the bottom side is catered to cool tones which I rarely get a chance to use.

Some of the blushers a pigmented and easy to blend however the highlighters are a bit stiff especially Crafty (see bottom side). The darker shades are actually pigmented but sadly non of them would suit my medium skin tone.  Most of them are matte with exception of Culture (top) & Concept (bottom).

I am not sure if the palette is removable/depotable since I have not seen or read any reviews regarding that.

Do I think this Tarte Holiday Color Wheel Blusher Palette is worth to purchase?

Totally yes! :)


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