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DERMAROLLER FOR ACNE SCARRED SKIN : An Honest Review (Weekly Update) - WEEK 1

Hello peeps!

I am going to share on my experience of using Dermaroller onto my acne scarred skin. As you guys notice, I have a really bad skin due to acne problem since 2010. Previously my face was so freakin clear except for two or three spots of box scars from my childhood age due to chicken pox. I noticed that my skin started to sprout healthy acne started from 2010 while I was starting my degree year. I was not sure what happened to my face then, as it could be due to a lot of factors such as stressful environment, my eating habits, or my living condition (we had to rent a flat for few semesters so you could imagine the living condition there). I had tried a lot of things to prevent it but no avail. And it got worst exactly after I finished my degree, which was in mid 2011. I was really depressed by then and took Accutane as my acne medication. I admit that i did not finish my Accutane med as I felt my health was deteriorating since I started the journey.

After a few months later my skin had it better as I was being really careful with my skincare routine (plus the Accutane helped a lot). I used Cetaphil Cleanser and Oil Free Neutrogena Moisturizer in my skincare routine everyday and refrained from using makeup. I did not dare to use some random skincare which were thrown in my way. I had also stopped my visits to beauty parlor as I noticed that my skin had gotten worst after one or two facial session. Now, I am really glad that I do not break out as badly as before. I do not wish to experience the pain and shame all over again.

So moving on to dermaroller review!

I have done a bit research here and there as I have a lot of acne scars even though my acne problem is cured. I considered to do a laser treatment but sadly I have no money for that :( The scars are really visible so any tropical counter drugstore product would not really help the scarring and I could not cover it without high amount of thick foundation on my skin. Then I got to know about dermaroller on one blogger site so I said to myself 'why not?' since she claimed that dermarolling has helped her with her acne scarred skin. Unfortunately the blogger does not attach any before and after picture of her skin while doing the treatment so I did an extensive search on the product myself before making my decision to try it.

The product 

I bought it from one Instagram shop for MYR 49.90 which is pretty cheap (around USD 15+). Most sites sell it for more that MYR 100. So ridiculous. O_O

This is the packaging of the product :

I am using 1.00 mm dermaroller on my skin.

The instruction

The Instruction :

1. Use medical alcohol to disinfect the dermaroller and the area of your skin which was treated. In  my case I did not use any medical alcohol as I do not have one so I used my Etude House Wonder Pore toner on my cleansed skin after the treatment and on the dermaroller. After that I used hot water to rinse the dermaroller. Make sure that the dermaroller is disinfected BEFORE and AFTER usage to avoid any irritation or infection. Also, please note that the product can only be used for the duration of 6 months. 

2. Apply suitable functional nutrition onto treated area if necessary. For me I did not use any cream before the treatment. Some people use numbing cream before the process to lessen the pain.

3. Roll the dermaroller back and forth 10 times in each direction onto your affected area with slight pressure. You can refer to the box picture for more information. I did not roll it on my skin until it bleeds (some people do that too O_O and they look pretty scary IMO), I just applied slight pressure until my skin went red from the punctures.

4. Apply nutrition cream after the treatment. I used my Etude House Collagen Moisturizer after I've done with it. I have read that some people prefer to use Vitamin C serum as your skin absorbs better nutrition after using the dermaroller.


So this is how my skin looked like before the treatment :

How did my skin look like in 2011

These are how it looked like exactly after dermaroller treatment. Notice the redness? O_O

And this is how it was a few days later :

Detailed view
Honestly, I notice that my skin has some slight improvement as compared to before. It really helps to lessen the redness of new acne scars. However I could not see any improvement to those deep box scars. I want to make dermarolling my weekly routine but my skin needs to heal before I can use it again. I do not want the holes punctured by the dermaroller permanent.... O_O God help me with that!!

So that's all for now.. I will be updating this on weekly basis so stay tuned lol



  1. hey ! so how long do you wait for doing dermaroller after stopping accutane ? right after the last dose then u start rolling ? no wait for 6 months ?


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