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Updates on Etude House's new 10 in 1 Wonder Pore Freshner!

You guys can view my previous 7 in 1 Wonder Pore Freshner review and four ways to use the toner here.

Last week, I went to Etude House to restock my Wonder Pore Freshner toner since they were doing buy one free one sale at that time. It was the best time to buy since the normal price is really expensive and I didn't have much money to spend in the first place. However I was taken aback by the increasing price of the toner but I didn't realize that they have changed it to the new 10 in 1 formula. ( Previous price was around MYR 80++ and the new price is MYR 99.90 ) Since they were having a sale, I just bought it and get my AC Clinic Gel Lotion (Price : MYR 59.90) as the free gift. Still a good bargain right?

So what's new in this Wonder Pore Freshner? Here's what I though.

The Packaging 

It came in a big box with another free big box of daily cotton pad. Similar bottle to the old one of 500 ml with a pump.

10 in 1 vs 7 in 1

The Product

So they have added 3 new functions to the product :

Remove dead skin cells - A great addition to the toner since your skin will be a lot fresher and it kinda helps on regenerating new skin cells.

Cleanse pore insides with cooling effect - A good thing for me too, since I don't feel any stinging sensation anymore while using the toner unlike the old 7 in 1 formula.

Complete smooth glass-like texture - My skin feels so smooth after using the toner but I am not sure what is the long term effect though. :D

I also think that the alcohol scent in the new formula is more subtle than the old one so another plus point for me. 

So overall I still think that that this product is amazing with added benefits and will recommend it to people with sensitive skin. :)

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  1. I think the packaging is wonderful as it makes it really easy and mess-free! Don't really see my pores getting smaller, but it definitely does reduce the oils on my skin.

    For my full review, head to:


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