Saturday, January 16, 2010

Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas.

Yes I know- I KNOW this book is one of her old books but I could not resist. :)
I have to make a review on this wonderful novel. If you are a historical romance novel freak, you should get you hands on the book. And I am 1000% sure that you guys will love it!

I skipped the second volume of the wallflower series so I had no idea that the hero- Sebastian St Vincent is the extraordinary villain in that novel. But cut the rest- it's the third book here I am talking about. Yes, the third book. The story starts with Evie, the UNLIKELY heroine comes to St Vincent, the UNDISPUTABLE-IMMORAL rake to ask his hand for marriage. She needs him- and why him? to be her protector from the unchivalrous family of her. St Vincent, on his disadvantage (read the book! no spoilers :P) feels that he must marry no other than Evie when Evie enlighten him that her father will die- soon and she will get her inheritance for him, but in exchange- He must marry her.
Oooo yeah, I am rooting for both of them since the first page! I love how rakish St Vincent can be on Evie, and I love how innocent Evie can be on him! And I love how Evie overcome her shyness through the story, and how he open up his unsaveable heart to love Evie. It starts of with marriage of convenience and becomes so much deeper in the story- and I cried, I laugh, and I was amused, by the lines, the plot, and how Ms Kleypas delivered the story in Devil in Winter. And I was literally drooling when I planted my imagination to my head on his looks- Sebastian St Vincent (Gosh, his name sounds SEXAY too!). Here are some of unforgettable quotes that I found so amusing, and what make the book is worth reading :)
"Because I’m Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent. I can’t be celibate. Everyone knows that." -St Vincent
"“A lang, lang time ago…” MacPhee began, ignoring St.Vincent’s low groan, “there was a bonnie maid called Malvina. She was the betrothed of Oscar, the braw warrior who won her heart. Oscar bade his beloved tae wait for him while he went tae seek his fortune. But one black day Malvina received word that her lover had been killed in battle. He would lie forever in eternal rest in the faraway hills…lost in endless slumber…”
“God, I envy him,” St. Vincent said feelingly, rubbing his own dark-circled eyes."- St Vincent
And for this book, i'd love to give it my first 5/5. :D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux

Yet another review, on Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux.

Jude Deveraux is one of my favorite authors but I think her books are somewhat between a hit or a miss. For this new installment of a new series, I'd think this book is her miss. Why? Because I am utterly disappointed with the lack of romance in it, well this book is supposed to be a romance novel but yet I didn't feel any romance in it. The main guy- is tough one, I hate the kind of guy like him ( You have to read the book to know) and Jocelyn, well she's acceptable but I couldn't find the reasons to like her, more. The one who awes me is her dead grandmother, Edilean or Miss Edi. For times, I thought of 'hands off' from the book, but since I paid RM 35++ for this book, I decided to keep reading. The book itself is wonderfully written but I think the ending is too rushed, well from my point of view.

And this book is so not my kind of book, but for those who loves to get in a family drama, this book would be the right one for you. My rating for this book, 2/5

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lodging on serious issues?

My sixth semester has started and we are all not really busy with the classes or assignments, yet. We came to our classes and found out that our lecturers are the best among the best (some of them are so-so but actually, they are acceptable. Just please, don't stress us out.) The environment and surroundings are pretty neat and changed because some classrooms were renovated last year and they installed us air-conditioners, pheww and thanks.

But that does not matter.

And what's with the serious issues? Lot's of them, but I think all that matters to me do not really matter to you guys, my fellow friends.

Look. I think I need help but I don't know where I can find the HELP. I am too shy to get help from doctors, I got no extra funds to go to psychiatrist or whatever they call the people that cure mentally unstable people, and personally, I think people will laugh at me.

I think I am too thinking over something. Is that bad? It is like you put something in my mind- just one simple word, and I can make it complex in few seconds. If I think about something or someone, I can think about them to the extent that I don't even want to mention it to you guys. Sometime it disgusts me. Sometime I take pleasure from it. And sometime I kill- yes, I kill the 'subject'. Mind power is great because nothing can stop you from imagining and taking control over everything in your mind, but it becomes hazardous if you have the same problem as mine. It is like my head is a walking time bomb that can erupt whenever, wherever. In any situation. Yes, literally speaking. It's like the mind of me working itself and taking the reign of my sanity from me. Tell you what, I can think about a stupid thing for days not to find the solution (in my case what the things that I thought have no end), but just merely thinking about it!

Actually, I never realized that I have this kind of problem but something had happened last year and the something ticked my nerves and- I became aware of this particular problem. I googled, and some says I might have this mental disorder- so it appears that thinking too much is a mental health problem. And some says it is the 'angsty teenager's problem' which I think I am not so in the zone because I am an adult- I will turn 22 years old this year. Then when a friend of mine suggested to me to be ignorant, I know my problem is worst than I thought it would be.

Help. I always think I need mental medication but a friend said medication is for crazy people. I am not crazy but I think I am slightly crazy, sometimes because the over thinkingness of me and my brain. Help. I am scared and alone.
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