Sunday, October 30, 2016


I am so lazy to review makeup stuff these days but I received a request to review my KVD Lock It Tattoo Foundation so here it is! ❤

I bought it in shade medium 54, which is equivalent to MAC shade NC30 & Estee Lauder Double Wear Tawny for RM179. In my opinion, the pricing is a wee bit disappointing because it was priced a lot higher than it should be. Alright note this- the price of KVD Lock it Tattoo in Sephora US is USD35 (RM179) whilst the Too Faced Born This Way is USD39 (RM152), so don't you think that this foundation wasn't fairly priced? Also I believe that we're still receiving the old packaging....and of course I would expect a significant increase in Too Faced Foundation next year lol, I dont know. Marc Jacobs ReMarcable went from RM225 to RM250 in less than a year. What's worst is Marc Jacobs Mirage Filter was priced at RM140++ last year and it hiked up to RM225 this year, can you believe that?

Anyway back to review, the packaging itself is very pretty and it has a pump which is always a good thing. Although I wish I could say the same to its is straight up chemically scented.

I found out that the shade is slightly lighter than my own skintone although I am matched with this shade hence I would look a bit ashy- it would still look grey even it does oxidize after a while so a full face makeup with blushers, contours and highlights is a must for me to make it less....funny-looking? The shade range is huge however I think they have more of yellow-based tones than any other base tones.

It has a matte finish and I would not recommend it to people with extemely dry skin because it clings on my dry patches and my pit scars. It is an extremely high coverage foundation and it manages to cover my skin discoloration. This foundation also applies best with beauty blender where it would tone down the coverage (if you're not a cakey-all-the-way kind of girl). It would last for 3 to 4 hours on my oily skin.

Would I repurchase this? I will, once Sephora is out of foundation for me to try on. 😅

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