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Loreal - Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation with SPF 24 PA++ Review

So my bobbi brown foundation shade has turned me down after a few months of wearing it. My skin darkens a few tone after getting married (oh yes, I am married to the most awesome guy on earth who doesn't really care about my pimples- he loves me with or without it :D) and BB's warm beige 3.5 kinda made me look like a pimple-breeder pale ghost. So it's about time to search for a new foundation. I have listed out a few foundation such as Skin79 BB Cream and MAC but I couldn't find any product that will calm my pimples down. 

I just went in to a drug store and promptly bought Lucent Magique foundation without any proper research. out of frustration. So kamikazi ok.

Let's get down to the review shall we? 

This oil free light refined texture foundation has SPF 24++ so to people who tans quickly like me, I wont recommend this to you guys.

The scent

This foundation smells like my oil-free Neutrogena moisturizer. The smell is not too strong so I guess if you love wearing something that doesn't smell too strong, you'll love this.

The texture

The foundation texture is really light, and it is not thick. It feels like this foundation has a similar texture with water-based foundation. It blends easily on my face and does not dry out quickly when i smudge it all over my face.

The packaging

Comes in 30 ml pump bottle with a plastic cover - which easily breaks and stains. Yeah, it's already broken. Meh.

The finish

Oh don't let me start on this. I don't really like this foundation because it does not stay for at least an hour or two at all on my oily skin! We live in humid and sunny whether here in Malaysia I dont recommend you guys wearing it for outdoor activities because it will melt and stain your hand :| It wears out easily and makes my face look cakey and uneven. This foundation does not give me a good coverage as well. I have an acne-prone skin and I have a LOT of acne scarring so i really need a good foundation to cover all my imperfections and this foundation fails miserably.

The Price

Hmm.. Not that expensive. I think I bought it for RM 45++. Honestly, I dont remember. Because I already put this foundation away after 2 or 3 times wearing it.

So, maybe 2/5 stars.

Swatch on skin - look at the watery texture

After blending it - without flash

After blending it - taken with flash 

Dat plastic cover :|

Description at back - Sorry bad picture. (notice the oil-free, yeah. My skin became oilier)

M.A.C Mineralize Charged Water : Skin Hydrating Mist Review

So last week Hafidz and I went to Alamanda Putrajaya for a 'quick stroll' and eventually we ended up in MAC Cosmetics store. LOL

I bought three items :-

1) MAC Matte Ruby Woo lipstick (which I totally love like crazehhhh!!)
2) MAC Superslick liquid Eyeliner ( I will review this later)
3) MAC Mineralize Charged Water : Skin Hydrating Mist 

So in this post i will review the third product, MAC Mineralize Charged Water.

Actually I came to the store thinking of buying a lipstick since Hafidz denied a Bobbi Brown lipstick splurge a week before but then a sales assistant (which has done a really good job of persuading and pampering me to buy their products) came to me and ask me whether I want anything else. Then instantly "eyeliner" word popped inside my mind considering the fact that I needed to buy a new eyeliner. Mind you I bought a black Silkygirl pencil eyeliner before and it was so miserable because I hurt my eyelid in order to wear it. Dang they were so hard to wear and so easy to wear off. :|

The sales assistant smiled and proceeded to help me to try on the eyeliner and persuaded me to buy a tan shade of cream eye shadow as well. And I said no to that because I think I don't really need one. At the end she sprayed the Mineralize Charged Water to my whole face and I fell in love with it within seconds.

Yes, within seconds. 

So I bought it.

I read on blogs all over the net about it and decided to try it before moisturizer and after finishing my makeup routine. It feels so nice on my face and it really gives me a perfect natural finish to my makeup. And using it before moisturizer also makes my foundation easier to blend. I have a super oily skin and it makes my makeup stays longer and not cakey.

The Pros

  1. The scent is very nice- not heavily scented. 
  2. The L-shaped pump - where you can lock the pump so that you would not waste it by accidentally pressing the pump
  3. I like the fact that as I add it to my skincare routine, it makes my face less oily if i use it with my moisturizer.
  4. Gives matte/natural finish to my makeup.

The Cons

  1. Expensive - I bought it for RM 98 ringgit / around USD 30++ (And why didn't they just round  it up to RM 100 :| )
  2. It dries out my skin if i use it on its own without moisturizer.


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