Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas

Hi folks. Another review on Lisa Kleypas' novel, Tempt Me at Twilight!

Tempt Me at Twilight is her latest book. I bought it on 24th (and it's my so-called personal Christmas present lol) and the disease of don't-really-want-to-finish-Ms-Kleypas'-novel-because-the-fear-of-nothing-to read-afterward strikes again. lol. But finally, I managed to finish this book....but with lethal disappointment. ( Sorry Ms Kleypas T_T)

Again, I don't want to spoil you guys but sorry, this time Ms Kleypas failed to dazzle me into Hathaway's world, as her previous works of 'Seduce Me at Sunrise' and 'Mine Till Midnight', which I found very captivating and irresistibly... absorbing. The interactions between the main leads, Harry Rutledge and Poppy Hathaway (lolled at their names, again, sorry Ms Kleypas) seems dull, and the attempts to make readers to fall in love with those two characters are..well they are not working for me. Harry is one complex hero, or should I say...a villain? and Poppy, the most conventional sister in Hathaway family. I felt sorry for the other character, the one who supposed to be the 'hero' (but he's super weak! lol) . And for the first time, I kind of skipped a little few pages, here and there because I felt they were not really necessary, to be included in the story. I hate to skip, but well I couldn't help it. However, there are few memorable lines and events that make this book worth to read. :)

I would say this book is not at her best (my all-time favorite is 'Devil in the Winter'), yet I don't really regret buying this one. :) My personal rating : 3.0/5

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to make sushi ( MY WAY, OF COURSE XD)

I did it! XD My sushi looks like crap, actually.
But definitely taste good :p
Here is how I did it :D

Ingredients :
1 pot of sushi rice ( not exactly measured)
Crab sticks
Oinarisan ( Tofu pouch)
Roasted Seaweed

1st step : Wash, rinse and cook the sushi rice. Make sure you only rinse it once or otherwise the rice will lose its stickiness. :D.

2nd step : Boil some crabsticks and the tofu pouches :D

3rd step : Thoroughly mix the cooked rice with some powdered vinegar.

4th step : Place the roasted seaweed on the bamboo rolling mat, and spread the cooked rice evenly on the roasted seaweed. You can put whatever you like on the spread, too. (e.g crabsticks, wasabi, pickled cucumber)

5th step : Carefully roll the spread. And cut the rolled spread! :D

Final step : Fill the tofu pouches with rice (add some seasoning, wasabi and stuff in it too :D Be fun lol), mix the corn and mayonnaise for toppings, carefully cut the crabstick..etc etc...and TADAA! MY FIRST ATTEMPT TO MAKE SUSHI!

But it was really really really really tiring. LOL.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wild Ones by Fujiwara Kiyo

Hi everyone!
I just finished this manga a few days ago..It's very nice but the art reminds me of Fruit Basket O_o.. At first, everything is kinda fast-paced...but it gets slower and interesting... try reading it, it's available online. I don't wanna spoil it. :D


From Viz:
Sachie Wakamura just lost her mother, and her estranged grandfather has shown up to take care of her. The only problem is that Grandpa is the head of a yakuza gang! Sachie tries to continue living her normal life, but she can't run far since Rakuto, one of the most popular guys in school, is part of her grandfather's gang and her new protector. Soon, Sachie finds herself falling for her bodyguard. But she's the granddaughter of Rakuto's boss, so he can never show his feelings for her. Can Sachie find a way to fit into her new family and seize her chance at romance?
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