Tuesday, February 2, 2016

E.L.F Blemish Control Face Primer - Acne Treatment (Clear)

It has been told that this primer is similar to Smashbox Photo Finish Blemish Control Primer. I am not sure if the Smashbox primer is available in Sephora Malaysia or not, anyone has any idea?

This primer retails at USD6 per bottle and it comes in a plastic bottle and I am giving it a point for having a pump dispenser. The product is actually 'white' and I thought it was green when I looked at the bottle. It has 0.47oz/14 ml of product with a shelf life of 6 month which is pretty decent for me price wise.

Another point is given for having Salicylic Acid as the main ingredient! As you know Salicylic Acid is widely used as an acne treatment and I'd say it's a good one since I've been using Etude House AC Clinic Lotion which contains Salicylic Acid as its main ingredient. Other than that, it is infused with tea tree extract and Vitamin E to help in controlling active breakout/soothes your skin. However I did not see anything is done to correct my redness well it's not even green. The consistency is a little thin and lotion-like but it is buildable and it definitely covers my pores. Turns out this primer is a silicone-based primer since it has Dimethicon as one of its ingredients.

I have tried this primer in three different times. The first one was in humid weather, secondly in an air-conditioned room while idling and third was in an air-conditioned room but with a lot of movement done as possible.

In that very first situation my foundation didn't stay on for more than two hours and that was a big disappoiment but apparently expected since I am struggling with extremely oily skin. On the second one , it did alright but well I basically did nothing but just laying around lalala-ing and watching Vampire Diaries so that was also expected. And lastly, that made it a little bit interesting since it stayed on for max 6 hours and gave me a flawless dewy finish after my foundation was fully oxidized. Honestly I FELT SO FABULOUS.

Verdict? I was a bit disappointed with it in my first try but eventually it gets better. Finding a good primer that could withstand humid weather while struggling with a super oily skin is hard, but possible.

This primer is not one of 'it'. However I am liking this primer since I can use it as it is to combat my breakout thus I'm giving it a 3...it is going to be 4 if only this primer is available in our local drugstore. Sadly ELF product is not available in Malaysia.

February's personal favorites! ELF Primer is one of them. :)

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