Saturday, October 24, 2015

Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit Review

It's here! OMG.

I am not sure what I'm thinking but I couldn't resist.

They smell like chocolate because they are made from cocoa powder (obviously). Heard all good stuff about their eyeshadow palette but I'm no eyeshadow junkie.

My local Sephora doesn't stock them so I had to order from a personal shopper.
I am pretty sure that I am not gonna use the brush. Or even using the contour powder ATM. Let me just sit back in awe and drool over this first....


I lied when I said I don't want to use this kit lol... So here's my honest review of Too Faced's Cocoa Contour kit!

Actually, contouring and highlighting are pretty new to me. Previously I didn't even know about their existence and I sort of knew when I started getting serious into my business. I've gotten to know a lot of good contouring and highlighting kits and I wanted to try them myself. I came across this countouring kit while browsing #Sephoramy instagram feed.

So I managed to buy this for RM126 with 15% discounts plus the shipping cost. Told you earlier that my local Sephora doesn't stock them so I had to get help from a personal shopper. They didn't even stock The Book of Bronzers! Sad.

Cocoa Contour kit comes with 2 contouring shades (Medium Cocoa/Dark Cocoa), 2 highlighting shades (Light Cocoa/Pop of Light) and one small angled kabuki brush.

Medium Cocoa and Dark Cocoa are matte finish. They're very smooth and creamy so they glide on smoothly on my face and don't accentuate my pit scars. I can say the same to its Light Cocoa. It applies evenly onto my skin and it works as a setting powder to my under-eye concealer. They fill my under-eye lines and set up flawlessly onto my skin. However I am quite disappointed with Pop of Light, its shimmering highlighter. Honestly it's not pigmented and I don't like the glitter at all. They scattered everywhere on my face when I tried to put them on. I know that Pop of Light is not that great from the reviews I've read but I didn't know that it would be this disappointing. You could see that I couldn't capture the swatch except for the glitters. I might use them if I wanna feel like a disco ball. Yes, I know we all have that moment sometimes.

I have no problem using Light Cocoa as a highlighter but for the contouring shades... I feel like Medium Cocoa complements my skin tone since Dark Cocoa turns out too dark on my face. I tried to swatch Dark Cocoa to the sides of my nose and they looked off, I guess Dark Cocoa would be suitable for people with darker complexion or if you want to do a dramatic contouring. I prefer to look natural yet perfectly contoured.

Overall, I still like them a lot!


✔3 Pigmented shades.
✔Smooth and Creamy.
✔Smell like chocolate!
✔Stay on 5-6 hours.

✔Does not accentuate my pit scars.

❌ Shade of Pop of Light is disappointing. 

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