Friday, April 3, 2015

Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup - (An Honest Review on Acne Skin)

I am gonna review another foundation, Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup. 

I am using shade 3.5 which is equivalent to MAC NC30, and it matches my skin tone even though my MAC Pressed Powder is NC25. The foundation retails at MYR 148 and is available at Sephora Malaysia. 

The Packaging

Comes in a pretty box and a pretty bottle which I really love, with a pump (plus point)! 

The Product

This foundation contains 30ml and there are 18 shades available. One thing that turns me off is the shelf live of 6 month. Usually a foundation can last longer than that and I could find equally or a better foundation than Urban Decay NAKED SKIN with longer shelf life for the same price so IMO, I guess this is one of the major flaw. 

The texture of the product is very runny, watery and light.  This foundation is also a vegan product.


Honestly, this foundation is not what I am looking for. I'm regretting this purchase because it's not suitable for people who seek for medium to high coverage like me. Yes, I know it's buildable but the consistency of the product is very light - lives up to its name, Weightless. I would waste 50% of the product to get the coverage I want and it does not even cover my blemishes as good as my Etude House BB Cream even after a few pump. The staying power and longevity is also a disappointment. 

This product is really a good quality foundation but I think it is suitable for people with less or no skin problem. I've tried it on my sister who has no skin problem and it does look flawless on her. It just made my face looks radiant with blemishes on lol.

I found the texture is similar to Loreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation so people who would want to get a similar type of foundation with a lower budget could get the Lucent Magic instead of this one. Trust me, you could save like 100 bucks on something better.

So for me, I would use this foundation if I want my face to go naked (HAHA) - makeup with no makeup on look. 

This is my first Urban Decay product and I don't like it at all. I know their Naked eyeshadow palette series are awesome but not this foundation. I would not recommend this product for people with oily and sensitive skin like me. 

Will I repurchase Urban Decay NAKED SKIN Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup? LOL. Nope nope nope.
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