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Long Wear Even Finish foundation SPF 15 by Bobbi Brown Review

I bought a Bobbi Brown foundation a few months ago for a price of RM160 alongside its sheer compact powder, which costs me up to RM130. I remember going in the store and the sales person was like looking at my face and she was asking me the same question people love to ask which is "what happened to your face?" and I told her the same story I told everyone and it went on and on and on... okay. Enough with the fact that I always get the stares from a lot of people until now- I am less bothered by it now, maybe 30% lesser than before.

So now we will jump to the main point, a foundation review. Below are the list of foundation that I used to wear and what I wear now:

1. Revlon Colorstay
2. Miracle Multiplex BB Cream SPF 25++  by Elianto
3. Miracle UV BB Balm SPF 50++ by Elianto
4. Rimmel London Lasting Finish 16 Hours
5. Naturactor Foundation
6. Food Skin BB cream
7. Shizens Foundation
8. Face Shop Oil Cut Dual BB cream
9. Long Wear Even Finish foundation SPF 15 by Bobbi Brown. (Currently using)

I am not going to do reviews on all of them but actually, I still dont find my true-calling-foundation eventhough I have tried a few them but out of the most, Bobbi Brown Foundation is my favorite. Although the foundation has a medium coverage, I would say it covers my pimple scar a lot better than any other product that I have tried. The shade that the salesperson picked for me is 3.5 Warm Beige and to tell you the  truth I never knew that I have a warm skin color. 

The scent

So we will start off with the smell of the product. This foundation has a similar smell like Rimmel London Lasting Finish, like lemonish smell which I am okay with. The smell is not too strong like Food Skin's foundation or not too thick scented as Revlon Colorstay.

The texture

For me, the texture of this foundation is not as thick as Revlon colorstay, and when I applied it on my face, I does not feel heavy like other products. It does not have a greasy texture as well, which blends easily on your face but one of the drawbacks of this foundation is it dries out really quick so you would have to blend it quickly after you put it on your face. I have tried using my fingers and a foundation sponge to blend and I found that using your fingers is more efficient in blending the foundation- it will come out even as compared to using a sponge, only a bit will stay on the face and the rest would be absorbed to the sponge :|

The Finish

Although it says that it is a 'Long Lasting Even Finish' foundation, I dont feel like it is because after a few hours, (to be exact maybe 3-4 hours after) it would get washed out thanks to my super oily skin. I used a Bobbi Brown primer as well but I dont think the primer helped in making it stay longer, It'll look like my face is soaked in an oily pond or something after a few hours. So I have tried using Face Shop Velvety primer before the foundation and it worked a hell lot better than Bobbi Brown primer.

Face It Primer from The Face Shop

The Price

Oh, of course its a bit pricier that any other product. Would I repurchase this foundation again? I am not sure myself because I told you that I haven't found the right one. I've been eyeing MAC foundation so i think I will try them first, or anything that suits me. But as I said, currently Bobbi Brown foundation is the best for me.

I am giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars. :)

Below is me in this foundation.

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