Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Thoughts - On Miracle Soap

Okay, let's get things straight. I have been neglecting my blogs since I couldn't remember, as well as passing my days without any good reads. That explains my lousy English- I cant really speak well now. I am so lazy these days. I dash off to work at 8.45 am almost every morning and get back to home from work at straight 5.30 pm (this is exceptional, btw). And so I am really like having 6 to 7 hours before sleep time and what I have done is NOTHING. Nothingness and it feels super empty and wasted. My job is pretty boring- and I am peanutly paid and I cant even save my own money but hey guess what, I am fortunate enough to get a decent job. Gosh. Okay enough of this I really need to stop blabbering on how my life is when others' are so unfortunate than mine.

Despite my shallow life, there are things that I am comfortable and being thankful with at the moment. I thought I'd share it with you guys. First of all, its my skin condition! *plays The Ride of Valkyries. Told you I was being emotional because of my skin condition, which worsened in the mid of July last year. I went to skin specialist to get my Accutane and stopped in the middle because I was so scared of the side effects. Then I bought a drugstore skincare brand (Safi Rania, I can use their cleanser and day cream tho) exactly on 31 August 2011 and I am still using it til now alongside this new homemade miracle soap. I have used the soap for about 3 weeks and my skin has never felt this good before (excluding the school time, i guess). Small pimples still come out occasionally but all the main nodule breakouts are disappearing, and I hope it will continue to disappear as the time goes by. Guess what, the soap is priced at RM20 per bar! I bought it from this wonderful lady- this is her facebook. She made the soap by herself O_O, you can browse her awesome stuff on the facebook page by yourself to know more. I cant express my feelings when my skin began to look healthy- got some friends commented on my skin well being. I am so happy! Oh how I wish she has found a formula to reduce pimple scars. Some has suggested to use Bio-Oil. Tried that before but I got breakouts instantly. I was like 'what the hell it reacted so fast on me' and immediately washed off the stuff from my face.

So I guess I will have to start bayar nazar from today!! :D

 Black Beauty Bar

Another thing that fills me everyday is my-love-of-course-cik Hafidz. Oh we've been together for more than a year and we are still going strong. Although we have quarreled a lot of times just because of stupid reasons, we have found that it bonds us tightly more than ever. And just because I randomly and occasionally update my blog nowadays ( few craps with no solid post) I wanted to tell you that I love you so much! Bear with me! Bear my spawn! lol

Oh, lastly. I almost forgot. I have a new cat. Her name is Jessica. Yeah, cheesy. The previous owner named her Jessica. And sometimes I called her Victoria, or Sunny out of nowhere. Yes. And she is a red tabby!!! This is my second time having a red tabby as a pet! The first one was Awok, he died years ago. Jessica is my father's sweetheart. He took her home from his school and let her play with Itam. Itam liked her so much, he licked and cleaned her like everyday but sadly Itam passed away few weeks after. :(

Golden eyed red tabby Jessica! :D
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