Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn.

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I have been super lazy these days but i wanna make up by giving my honest review of newest installation from Julia Quinn, Just Like Heaven. :)

I bought this novel at MPH (okay, Hafidz bought it for me lol) last Thursday and I read thru few pages at KFC while waiting for buka puasa time, and I was pretty happy with my choice of book. That's because this is my first time reading a novel which has a character that satisfies my guilty pleasure- an emo-like-but-actually-a-very-nice-historical-romance-hero. I never came across this kind of character in a novel. Thus, i fell in love with this book almost instantly.

Actually, the hero, Marcus Holroyd is not an emo guy, but Julia Quinn portrays him as a silent with disdainful face. The heroine of the story, Honoria Smythe-Smith says that she could not determine whether Marcus is the hero or the villain in gothic novels. He looks like he is serious about everything, and people regard him as a serious person. But deep inside, he actually has a sense of humor. Yes, I have a knack for this kind of character. I love reformed rakes characters too, but sometimes we would want to take a break from reading novels which the heroes always make sexual advances to the heroines in it, right? (But maybe because the hero is in his sickbed for 1/3 pages of the novel lol) :)

Honoria Smythe-Smith makes quite a character too because she is not an annoying character. She is not your oh-i-am-so-weak-i-shall-swoon-on-everything or i-am-so-strong-you-would-not-dare-to-play-around-with-me type. More likely in the middle, i guess. She is one of the infamous female quartet from Smythe-Smith family which will perform 'not quite a musicale' every year. Haha, If you guys have read Julia Quinn's other installments such as Bridgerton series, you would know that the musicale is the horror-est event for music lovers, as the quartet themselves are not really capable (horribly untalented) of playing the notes. The audience would have to bring cotton bud to keep their ears from bleeding. Some want to destroy their instruments so that they would not be able to play again. lol.

I love the story, and I love the characters. Thus i am giving this book my 4/5 stars. :)
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