Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts VII

Hey, It's been a long time. I did not update my blog like, almost one month because I had no idea what to write~ Ya, I did a lot of stuff but I still could not make my self to post anything here, not to mention that I haven't use Engrissshhhh, i mean, like, six to seven months? Which made my writing skills deteriorate (as if, but honestly, I felt like I'm writing craps these days) Well, do not bash me because I have told you guys that I want to improve my Engrrrrissshh hence, my medium of writing.

So, enough of the crap. Let's get started with my random thoughts number seven. (Told ya I could write a novel, bahhhh~)

First, I am going to finish my days as an intern in a few days! Yay! I am happy because I get to lay my restless butt at home doing stuff for less than one month, but actually at the same time, I feel kinda sad leaving the wonderful place. It's a one and a lifetime experience, though I'll be introducing myself to my own battlefield sooner or later but its not going to be the same because as an intern, you'd get pampered a lot, hence one or two mistakes would be forgiveable but in the real life situation, you wouldn't.

Its not like I am not going to meet them again, well, ever but the chances that I'd slipped are at stake. So, what I could say is, I love knowing them, they are cool as they are and I know I have been a nuisance, but hey, cant say enough thanks to them because they made me realize, "You wont succeed if you walk on your own, you'll have to walk at the same pace with your environment's volatility, either at the same speed, or higher". Chewah. Poyo tak? :p

So, next one would be my review of classic Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Sigh. I have been reading that for a long time, but I haven't got a time to spend on its review (Its been a long time since the last review, and which I doubt people would read it) but here- Actually, I was tempted to read this because Bella (yeah, Bella Swan as in Twilight...i know i know) reads this book too. To be frank, Wuthering Height was hard to read, considering it's from 19th century as I was not familiar with some vocabs and the use of a word, which sometimes I found it very awkward and funny. Do I have to mention, er- penetrating? lols. If I use the exact vocab in anyway nowadays, i'd be ROTFLMAO-ed. Yeah.

Okay, for one who never read this book, do not expect that Wuthering Heights is a romantic love story, no- this book is about selfish, gore, vengeful and vile characters who fall in love with each other, and commence disastrous events to their surrounding because of their selfishness. Wuthering Heights follows a character named Heathcliff, who is in love with his counter-selfish lover (which reminds me of myself, oh my God), Catherine Earnshaw from his childhood, to his death at his late thirties. At that, I would say this kind of story shows the evil side of love and the book, in my opinion, states the very selfishness of one's love- no, to be fair, it has to be called 'infatuation' but honestly, I love it so much that I googled everything WH, watched the movie (which I totally hate) and listened to who's-Bush's song.
Bought this along with Sense and Sensiblity at RM8.50 per book. hoho


Do I need to mention my korean obsession again? Nah, I don't think so. It makes me wanna learn korean so much- (for your information, I took japanese classes and I kind of can communicate in basic Japanese). My recent obsession is Mary Stayed out All Night! All because of my honey honey honey Jang Geun Suk, the korean HYDE. :) Mary is such a lucky girl because she gets in a marriage contract with two damn hot guys. Enough said, so you could tell that I am into these kind of reverse harem. Buahahahaha.

Ya, what else eh? haha..Oh! My Chemical Romance new album. I have listened to Na Na Na, and I quite like it but seriously, I love them old stuff triple times more than this one, it's like you are listening to something mainstream-ish although they ARE in the mainstream, but their old songs from I Brought you My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, Three Cheers For the Sweet Revenge and Black Parade sound more emotional and lyrical, (even though Black Parade songs started to smell like mainstream) compared to Na Na Na... they kept repeating the same line over and over in one song...aigoo. sigh, old times. And I think they sacked their previous drummer. But whatever, I'd still love them even if what they did is screaming 'monkey monkey monkey' in their songs :P )

Danger Days, out in November.

Okay, done here. Am not bothered to correct anything here so, LET THE KILLJOY BEGIN! :D bye!
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