Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stress is bad for your health

You know, I've been in a stressful environment for past these years. And that explains a lot, why am I becoming a pimples breeder. Not to mention that I have lost so much amount of hair, as it keeps thinning and I feel my body is tensed, and tired every single time.

So much going on here and there and I have told you guys before that I am a very complex person. My brain works that way. Can't help the fact that I am pretty much an over thinking person. Sometimes the thing I think of is so stupid and I can't even explain why I think a lot about it.

I have been experiencing this bad acne situation for one and half year, pimples started to pop out here and there. It makes my self esteem go down to the pit and I seriously hate things that require me to get out from home- my safe zone. I hate it when people keep staring at my face. Why? Having pimples on your face doesn't mean that you don't take good care of your skin! I hate it. And I hate bright places. People without skin problems, you guys would not realize how bad it is. Not until you guys experience it. Naturally, having bad skin problems will severely affect your life. Period.

But then I found this a from youtube, this one guy.. he's suffering from bad acne problem. He tried a product called Accutane before he 'found out' that the med is bad for him- he's allergic to them. After few months, he met his dermatologist and he had to be admitted to the hospital because of severe breakouts and trust me, if you watch the vid you will feel sorry for him. I did.

And that makes me realize that my problem is not as bad as him.

Mine can be cured-it is just a matter of time. Scars off, I'll be good.

But his problem would take years.

In his latest vid, he said..'do not stress, it's bad for your health' and he's right. I have to stop stressing over stupid things.

And I would do it. Right, from now on.
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