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Lady Sophia's Lover by Lisa Kleypas

It's time, it's time! (Alice Cullen way)

It's time for me to do this again- the so-called review!
Now, now. When it comes to Lisa Kleypas, you don't wan't to miss her Bow Street Runners Series.

But first of all, what is a Bow Street Runner? I also didn't know what the heck is that until I laid my eyes on her 'Someone to Watch Over Me'. According to wikipedia, the Bow Street Runners have been called the Professional Police Force, founded by Henry Fielding in 1749. They were called 'thief-takers' but somehow they were related to the Magistrate because they were paid by them using the central government funds to Okay, no need to elaborate, you can find the article here. it goes....

Sophia Sydney, once a lady, lost her title due to extinction of the title line because her little brother is believed to be dead in prison several years back, and seek for revenge from the very person who was at the time of her brother's execution, the Magistrate, Sir Ross Cannon. She wants to smudge his reputation, and the worst of all she wants him to fall in love with her- and take away her love from him- the very sweet and bitter revenge. So she comes to his office, asking for job which a female hired is unheard off. Her wrath and determination, however dissolved after some time, as she believes that she is in love with him.

Sir Ross Cannon, after the loss of his wife, celibates until Sophia Sydney comes to no. 4, Bow Street to ask for a job. He could not resist the temptation from Sophia, as she works in the same office as him, her scent lingers around him, her delicate movement seems to fascinate him.

The characters, Sophia and Ross are very strong and unique. Like Sophia, I never came across a female character that aged 25 years and above in any historical romance novel, (and in the novel, she is quite old- she's 28 years old and wayyy past her marriage age.O_O). Sir Ross however, is Ms Kleypas perfect hero, again the wealthy, the strong and the important character- but chooses to work his butt off in a professional career, being a Bow Street Runner unlike the others (the LORDS, the EARLS, yada3x). The plot, the storyline is really captivating, and interesting- as a little added twist about the little brother who is indeed a main character from her earlier 'Someone to Watch Over Me' novel. The development of characters are very detailed- a praise to Ms Kleypas, as usual.

As for me, this novel is worth to keep, and definitely my another 5 stars. :)

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