Saturday, February 6, 2010

Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley


Time to review! :)

Uhuh..yeah. The plot- vampire-helpless-and-stranded-in-a-painting-and-saved-by-prey intrigues me. Ow yeah. Even though my passion for vampirism has faded after 'Twilight fever', I was tempted to read this book because of the synopsis. Aha yeah. Again, the author is my favorite paranormal author, and I was kinda expecting the unexpected from her but I guess after reading almost all of her novels, everything is kinda the same, well- vampire meets his mate kind of story. He meets her, he falls for her, he protects her, and blah blah blah...BUT what I really like- oh well...what's new from this author is the painting bit, well definitely the painting and what I don't like about this book is the heroine. She is too fragile, too stupid and she faints too much..eheh. For me, if you guys are not a fan of mushy vampire love story, this book is not for you guys.

My personal rating for this novel : 3/5
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