Friday, January 9, 2009

Konnichiwa minna-san! (Japanese-freak mood) :D

O-genki desu ka? Hajimemashite?
Watashi-wa nihongo no mood desu! hohohohohoho.
I'm sooo freaking happy because I'm able to register for Japanese classes!
I even bought the text book! Yay! So happy!

Even though I felt stupid because sensei made us read out loud the hiragana charts on the first class, I grinned excitedly all the time. XD Lol I can't help myself. Haha!

For your information, I've always wanted to learn Japanese since I was in secondary school, ya, like everyone else, manga and anime influenced me. XD. So, here am I 7 years later, the dream's fulfilled. Muahahhahha. I know I will not able to speak Nihon fluently, but I will, someday. Yes. The day WILL COME. XD. The day that Ai-chan will truly understand and able to directly read the untranslated japanese mangas will come! XD. Ahhhh!!! Happy!!!
Nihongo 1 fer starters.

Well, I'm home, right now. I miss my cats. I miss Ms. T the most. She's the first cat who slapped me. Yeah.

Ms. T in slumber.

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