Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Thoughts VIII

Hey guys, whats up! welcome to another random thoughts of mine. :)

Yet another update-less month. :) Actually I have a lot to talk about, ranging from funny thoughts to kinda serious one. But of course, I couldn't gather my fingers to blog.

Okay, first of all. Did you guys know about the guy who decided to kill himself after breaking up with his girlfriend? He jumped out from the 14th floor at 2 am, if i'm not mistaken. And he died around 9 a.m in the hospital. The said guy is known as Alviss Kong, i know this has caused an uproar to facebook users, mostly to chinese. And I was indirectly informed about it when one of my facebook friend posted up random status in chinese, but left out 'Alviss Kong' and R.I.P. I was like "Hey the name rings a bell" and I was, FREAKING SHOCKED to know that the guy who died, was the same guy whom I used to exchange my messages with on myspace like 2-3 years ago. (ya, had one before facebook stuff, deleted it) and he was like, dead?!! Oh sigh. What a way to end your life. Suicide.

45 minutes before the infamous flight, he posted on facebook, “Count Down For 45 Mins…What should I do in this 45 mins?”. His sister and friends responded to his comment, not knowing that he opted the easiest way to solve his probs, by killing himself. :( He also left the last note on his blog, (no where to find, probably deleted) which was closed after the suicide by his relative, i guess. And yep, from what I have heard, Facebook staff decided to close his account too.

You know, from what I have googled from the internet, he and the girl, were engaged in 4 months relationship before she decided to dump him. He worked as salesperson in TS, (and he probably did caught my attention because he is, even after his death, cutest real-life chinese guy I have ever met) and looking back at the pic, yes, I remember him because i did shop there before raya with my friends. Sigh.

And to tell you the truth, I also had this suicidal thoughts after going through a breakup, but like seriously, I don't have the guts to kill myself, nuff said, I am not that stupid. What he did was, most probably like will scar the girl's life forever, not to mention that he dragged his family to wall of shame.

Kids out there, suicide, is the worst way to end your predicament. You'll probably add more to them, not directly to you, but to your family and friends because of your selfish act. Think.

the girl.

Now I am listening to My Chemical Romance new songs, and Scarecrow caught me red handed. I am loving it. :)
Maybe one day i will grow attached to the album, like their previous ones :)

Say, I am pretty happy with everything in my life, currently. You know. :)
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